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Jebena Ethiopian

Coffee & Culture

Owner Sara wearing a white dress pouring coffee at a ceremony
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coffee. cuisine. culture

Ever since she can remember, Chef Sara Gebre was interested in mixing ingredients to create something new. Growing up she realized she had a gift for cooking and hosting and dreamt of one day turning her passion into a business.  She considers it a great honor to share her culture with the community.


Jebena ጀበና is a traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean coffee pot made of pottery. Brewing coffee is tied closely to womanhood in Ethiopia. When brewing coffee with the jebena, the youngest woman of the family is always the one to initiate the process. Brewing coffee in the jebena is also a distinctly social event, where during the time it takes to prepare the beans and brew the coffee, families will socialize. As the jebena was so important and the centerpiece of the coffee ceremony, Sara knew it was the right name for her business.


Ethiopian Catering 

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sharing culture and quality food

The food we serve at Jebena Ethiopian Coffee & Culture is healthy and delicious. Our ingredients are fresh and we accommodate all types of dietary requirements.


With over 10+ years of experience in the kitchen, Chef Sara is working to bring a unique culinary experience that has delighted tasters near and far to the Colorado Front Range. With a focus on exceptional quality and bold flavors, Chef Sara invites you to enjoy her delightful menu.

Coffee Ceremonies

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In Ethiopia, I grew up doing coffee ceremonies as a day-to-day activity to bring the community together. The main reason we do coffee ceremonies is to socialize with our family, friends, neighbors, and whoever is visiting our house. It is customary to perform coffee ceremonies to welcome guests and this is the most important role of hospitality in Ethiopia.


Ethiopian coffee is a ceremony that you enjoy with your five senses. In a world where time has long become a commodity, the Ethiopian coffee ceremony takes us back to a time when value was given to conversation and human relations. It is an honor to be welcomed to attend a coffee ceremony as it is a sign of friendship and is a beautiful example of Ethiopian hospitality. While enjoying a brew people get together to be a community and discuss life.

Sara is an excellent host! We came in today as a small group of artists and it was a magical and intimate experience. Sara took us through the full preparation of coffee, starting with roasting. We enjoyed several rounds, interspersed with popcorn and sweet bread. Just delightful and perfect for your group who appreciates culture and coffee! Would gladly come back and being more friends"

— J.W. —

Our Coffee

There is nothing quite like enjoying that perfect cup of coffee. Our goal is to provide each customer with exactly that. With great tasting coffees from Ethiopian— from intense aromas to creamy textures — we are here to show you that our coffee can cure all your tension.

One sip at a time. 


Browse our collection and try them for yourself.




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