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Owner Sara surrounded by guest at a coffee ceremony

Coffee Ceremonies

Coffee and love are best when hot

ቡናና ፍቅር ትኩስ ትኩሱን ነው

Our coffee our bread

ቡናችን ዳቧችን

Ethiopian proverbs

In Ethiopia, I grew up doing coffee ceremonies as a day-to-day activity to bring the community together. The main reason we do coffee ceremonies is to socialize with our family, friends, neighbors, and whoever is visiting our house. It is customary to perform coffee ceremonies to welcome guests and is the most important role of hospitality in Ethiopia.


Ethiopian coffee is a ceremony that you enjoy with your five senses. In a world where time has long become a commodity, the Ethiopian coffee ceremony takes us back to a time when value was given to conversation and human relations. It is an honor to be welcomed to attend a coffee ceremony as it is a sign of friendship and is a beautiful example of Ethiopian hospitality. While enjoying a brew people get together to be a community and discuss life.


The Ethiopian Coffee ceremony involves turning green coffee beans into roasted coffee beans which will become cups of coffee in a clay pot called a Jebena. Then pour it into small ceramic cups and serve it to guests. During the ceremony, we serve two rounds of coffee, popcorn, and snacks. The guests enjoy the fresh roasted coffee aroma and incense that come with the coffee. There is also an explanation of Ethiopian coffee culture. Altogether, the coffee ceremony takes about an hour. This ceremony is an interactive coffee ceremony where guests can ask about Ethiopian culture, and the important role coffee plays in daily life. Learn about the origins of coffee and experience culture while drinking caffeine.


The coffee ceremony requires a minimum of 10 people. The price varies and depends on where the ceremony is and on the event. Please contact us with any questions.



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